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PARK CITY, January 2010—My most excellent 2010 Sundance Film Festival adventure. I’d helped install one of the venues. I still felt that in my lower back. You see, when I am not acting, writing or photographing I am a union stagehand/movie technician.

Now here I was looking for adventure, hoping to score a few speculation photographs. Hey, if you’re a blogger or film writer in town call me about using some of my photos. Alone, no pass, no plan, no expectations, just me, myself and Moi.

I get nothing, I’m OK with that. But instead of striking out right away I run into Robert Redford and photograph him. It confirms my acting auditioning philosophy that seventy five percent of the battle is just showing up. Well, it’s kind of my thinking about everything. Nothing ventured nada gained.

The founder of the festival, Redford is busy and busy can be at festival time. As soon as he finishes his interview for the camera crew, his entourage whisks him away to another duty. Before he left, I think he looked specifically at me probably wondering, ‘who is this guy? I’ve seen him before; but where?’ He had of course, back when I did a stint a writer for The Daily Herald.

On multiple occasions I had questioned him at this meeting or that press conference. But he meets so many people, and I am not a guy who goes up to a star and say, ‘Remember me?’ Once after a meeting somewhere in Utah County, we were both walking to our cars. I was closer to mine, a van with my canoe on top.

“That looks like fun,” Redford said.

“It really is,” I said. “If you want some time I can show you how on the Provo River. “ He smiled, nodded and got in his car.

Those Redford photos made up for $20 parking fee. At a minimum they will be a good addition to my Internet Arts & Entertainment Gallery. Ok, I have to admit I was feeling the most fortunate dude. Of course karma kicked me down one or two stairs making sure I lost my gloves and had cold hands the rest of my day. Well, c’est la vie.

‘This is already worth my hour drive,’ I nevertheless thought to myself after I watched video productions downstairs in the Main Street Mall and studied objects de’art there.

Across the street, I photographed (in my opinion) the most distinctive Sundance monument—the Egyptian Theater. I bumbled into the mysterious Banksy street art, if it is really by the anonymous UK artist. One of the Reuters photographers I passed moments before had photographed it the day before. His photo ran in the New York Times. I took photos too. Déjà vu. When I entered Provo Canyon on the way here I had photographed street art that looked similar to Frankenstein street art seen in the UK that may be by Banksy. Is he/she a she or a he? We finally learned who Deep Throat is why not Banksy too sometime.

The Fray and other bands were playing private venues in Park City for all the ‘beautiful people,’ who had “golden passes.” Down Main Street more, I listened to the Salt Lake City band, Brambles playing along the street. Nothing ventured nada gained. I had already scored enough to satisfy me for just showing up to the ball.

Timberline Shoes booth, bottom of Main. I talked to two women there about how they did double duty at Sundance and the Outdoor Retailer Show going on now in Salt Lake City. I said I had been to that show the day before as a retailer representing my son’s T-3 Triathlon.

“I hope you can score tickets to a film or two,” I told them. They thanked me for that sentiment. They offered a tote bag. Gab got me a bag, I guess, but I was just enjoying talking to them. I used it to protect my camera equipment from the increasing snowfall. Weather was also drying my lips and at the Hydrogen Honda Booth at the same corner I scored a tube of lip balm with the Honda logo.

Nearby, I turned the table on paparazzi from the coast.

“I going to give you a dose of your own medicine; I’m going to photography you,” I said. They appreciated the irony and posed for me. They said they were waiting for reality TV star Jon Gosselin of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” to return to his car. His photo would be a big score for them.

John what’s-his name who oversees the installation of a lot of festival venues was directing workers removing snow near the HP (Hewlett-Packard) Snapshot Chalet. John had worked with our IATSE crew a few days before when we installed the festival theater at the Racket Club.

“I didn’t recognize you with ‘civilian’ clothes on, he said after I greeted him. We chatted only briefly since he was working. Not too far away I met Emily from United Concerts who also works with we IA stagehands. She was volunteering at Sundance directing people here and there. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

I photographed a queue braving the cold on the sidewalk in front of The Music Café. They were waiting to get in to hear Adrian Young play. Amazingly for just a moment the line shortened and I got in it. The security guy outside carded me and I walked barely inside and encountered another security staffer, this time a young woman.

“Do you have a pass? “ she ask?

“No,” I said. She shrugged her shoulders, and I just kept walking in. It was so crowded and Young was about to play, so I never really got too close to the stage but I listened to the concert and photographed the crowd. Nothing ventured nada gained. I thought it was quite y most excellent 2010 Sundance Film Festival adventure if I say so myself.

I lingered here and there in Park City longer and photographed more. Some people I photographed may have been of noteworthiness or not. In my opinion all subjects are of note, if not necessarily marketable. If any of you recognize anyone in my photo gallery, please send me e-mail so I can expand on my photo captions. Thank you.

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