Pat Christian | 106th Japan
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Judy, here are photos (about 31 slides) I've scanned so far that I think may be related to my time at the 106th and that you may have additional information about such as who the people in the photo are, or what buildings in the photos may be or be used for. You many know or not know who certain people flying aircraft that brought me and others to the 106th are, etc.

There is a possibility that some of the images were taken by me in the medical facility in Saigon that transferred me to Japan.

Besides identifying info, I am also interested in learning, if you know almost anything else about the place I was hospitalized at and you worked at such as how many times a day did arrivals of patients like those in some of my photos happen?
I still wonder What aircraft was used to fly me from Saigon to Tokyo

Even some of the black & white photos here are from color slides, but seemed to me to work better in B&W. I still may or may not have some black and white negatives in my files. I 'don't know when I will get to them for scanning.