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Pearl Harbor Space A excursion/adventure:
As Army and Air force retiree me and Sonia tried to fly Space Available to Hawaii. From the Utah Air National Guard Base at Salt Lake International.

7 a.m.- boarding/selection roll call. Struck out Selection did not get to us, and we did not fly and drove home and did yard work and moped about house.

7 a.m. -Roll call , lots of competition for Space Available seats with all ages of passengers, but we finally got on a KC -135 air tanker bound with some light cargo for Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Getting back to Utah Space A is not a certainty, but a fellow passenger told of that we might get back to Utah on Ut. ANG plane out of Hickam on Monday that might be only half full, so possibly a good chance for getting on. And he said another option is to fly out of Hickam maybe next Thursday to McChord Air Force Base in Washington and then catch a Friday air reservist shuttle into Million Dollar Air at Salt Lake International.
8 a.m. Preflight briefing: a KC-135 safety/ditching video .
9 a.m. Rotate/wheels off ground. 6 to 61/2 hour flight in cold cargo belly to warm beaches across the pacific.
11:20 a.m. (Hawaii time) saw first land.
11:25 a.m. wheels down.
11: 30 a.m. Touch down Hickam Air Force Base, rented a car and checked in to very reasonable Navy housing at Pearl Harbor Naval Station.
Not exactly first class