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Photos taken recently (July 2009) around my Brother, Charlie Harmon's apartment in Salt Lake City.

San Francisco-born writer, photographer, and actor Pat Christian currently lives near Sundance, Utah, specializing in creative projects in the Beehive State and the west coast. View more biographical information and some his creative work at list at:

Shutter of my camera’s recollection, what is it you fancy me to notice here now? What accidental or intentional defining, onion-revealing? I will improvise on all this impossible behavior and geometry. Anyway, I fear they are short-lived in this fleet light of my prying. What meaning of them and this moment is revealed? What am I revealing about me? Yes, Henri, “sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” Yet my lens is sharper than my wit. So chance and accident, please lend a hand in this physical and visual place somewhere in this stream of time born of so many unspoken feelings and a milieu of conditions and presuppositions. Standing at these crossroads of physical and psychological space my camera and I rely on uncompleted skill and whatsoever muses? Now, viewer, these photographs only remain an incomplete utterance without you who see with new eyes. What now to these photographs reveal of you?

--Pat Christian
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